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lastversion public API¤

You don't need to use lastversion as a command line tool or install it as a package to use it. You can use the public web API at


Make a GET request to<github-repo> to get the latest version of the repository in JSON format.

To get only the version number, append ?version to the URL.


Note that API caches results for 2 hours.

For faster updates of your own project, please set up a webhook for your GitHub repo that points to:

Badges with the latest version¤

You can use the following badges in your project's to show the latest version of your project:

For GitHub projects¤

![Dynamic JSON Badge](

Just replace dvershinin and lastversion with your GitHub username and repository name.

The result will look like this:

Dynamic JSON Badge

Alternatively, head to dynamic page configurator:

  • Set URL to<your-github-user>/<your-github-repo>
  • Set query to version
  • Set label to Release or whatever you want, and set other settings as desired.

Click Execute to verify results and copy Markdown or desired format.