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Version (Version) ¤

This class abstracts handling of a project's versions. It implements the scheme defined in PEP 440. A Version instance is comparison aware and can be compared and sorted using the standard Python interfaces.

This class is descendant from Version found in packaging.version, and implements some additional, "AI"-like normalization during instantiation.


Name Type Description Default
version str

The string representation of a version which will be parsed and normalized before use.



Type Description

If the version does not conform to PEP 440 in any way then this exception will be raised.

epoch property readonly ¤

An integer giving the version epoch of this Version instance

release property readonly ¤

A tuple of integers giving the components of the release segment of this Version instance; that is, the 1.2.3 part of the version number, including trailing zeroes but not including the epoch or any prerelease/development/postrelease suffixes